Toastmaster Roles

One of the key features of a Toastmasters meeting are the Toastmaster Roles. Members have the opportunity to volunteer to undertake any of these roles. Below is a list of the different roles that can be found in regular meeting.

The Toastmaster

The Toastmaster is the meeting’s director and host. Taking on this role improves organisational skills, time management skills and public speaking skills. it is your role to ensure the smooth running of the meeting and to introduce speakers and work with the Timekeeper to keep the meeting running to schedule.


Being Grammarian is an exercise in improving your listening skills. You have two basic responsibilities: to comment on the positive and negative uses of English during the meeting.


The main purpose is to help the Speaker improve. Secondary purposes are to help everyone else in the audience improve, and to further hone your own public speaking skills. Otherwise you might as well just have a private chat with the Speaker afterwards.

General Evaluator

The General Evaluator evaluates the conduct of the meeting, including the Toastmaster and all the evaluators.  The General Evaluator usually has 5-7 minutes to give the meeting evaluation, so it’s important to be prepared and organised.


Being Grammarian is also an exercise in improving your listening skills by counting the use of ‘crutches’ such as ‘um’ and ‘err’.

Table Topics Master

Table Topics are impromptu speeches. The purpose of the Table Topics section is to help members think on their feet and speak on a given subject for between one and two and a half minutes. The Table topics master must draw up the topics for the evening’s session.

Video Camera Operator

The Camera Operator records the prepared speeches for further evaluation in HQ audio quality.

Sergeant at Arms

The Sergeant at Arms organises the meeting. Responsibilities include arranging the room at least ten minutes before the meeting begins, making sure the lectern is in place with the gavel, the ensuring the lights and cards are set up etc.

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