Malta’s application to join district 109, region 10 - Final report 2021


European Union member since 2004, Malta has applied in February 2019 to join District 109 (Region 10). The process is being led by Toastmasters Malta Club, a thriving club in the Mediterranean Sea chartered in 2015. Through this document, we aim to update decision makers, stakeholders and the general public about Toastmasters’ Spirit in Malta, its club developments, its active participations in the events and activities of District 109, and already existing assets that Malta can bring to the District 109 right now and for a potential new Malta-Sicily Toastmasters Area.

The most important benefits are in particular:

  2. Digital Meeting Experience :: A proven system that has been ensuring MEMBERS’ ENGAGEMENT AND GROWTH since March 2020.
  3. Paperless Meeting System :: SMART VOTING & AUTOMATED FEEDBACK TOOL that is good for online and offline environment since August 2020.
  4. Club’s Mentoring Program :: An opportunity for all members to LEARN VALUABLE SOFT SKILLS and help each other.
  5. Club’s Outreach :: Promoting TOASTMASTERS VALUES for the benefits of  local communities in Malta.

1. Possible New Area: Malta - Sicily

Latest Club Developments in Malta & Sicily

  1.  Toastmasters Malta in Malta; Chartered in October 2015
  2.  Toastmasters Partanna in Sicily; Chartered in December 2020
  3. Sigonella Masters of Toast in Sicily; Chartered in January 2021 and mentored by Toastmasters Malta’s president
  4.  Sliema Pros Club in Malta – New Prospect Club launched in January 2021; sponsored & mentored by Toastmasters Malta’s members

Growth Potential of the Possible New Area

  • Population of 5.5 Million in Malta & Sicily speaking English, Italian and Maltese
  • Travelling between Malta and Sicily: 40 min by plane and less than 2 hours by ferry
  • Malta has 8 Toastmasters Members with Competent Leader & Pathways Level 5 Awards with proven leadership experience and supported by experienced mentors making them capable to take a possible new area director role.
  • Prospect Contests: February 2022 :: New Area’s Speech, Evaluation and TT- Competitions Malta-Sicily
  • Prospect Conferences: May 2023 :: Annual District 109 Conference in Malta – Malta’s International Airport has almost 100 direct connections.


2. Malta’s Contributions & Participation in District 109

January 2021 :: Toastmasters Malta’s online participation in Winter COT of D109

October 2020 :: Toastmasters Malta’s members are directly involved with Club Growth Director’s initiative Growth Café as active members of the support team, speakers and trainers.

July 2020 :: Toastmasters Malta’s online participation in Summer COT of D109

June 2020 :: Toastmasters Malta’s webinar and training in self-developed automated guests follow up system for D109

May 2020 :: Toastmasters Malta’s contribution in judging committee and in question moderation during the virtual district D109 conference

December 2019 :: Toastmasters Malta’s contribution with workshops and participation in the competitions in the D109 winter conference in Bulgaria

December 2019 :: Toastmasters Malta’s participation in Winter COT of D109 in Bulgaria

April 2018 :: Toastmasters Malta’s participation in district 109 conference in Milan

3. Malta's Public Relations & Marketing for Toastmasters

Facebook Followers

Social Media Posts Delivered

Monthly Visits of Toastmasters Website

Linkedin Group Members

Average Guests per Year

Toastmasters Meeting Held

Instagram Followers

Local TV and Radio Shows

Years of Marketing & PR for Toastmasters

4. Delivered Speechcrafts, Demo-Meetings & External Workshops in Malta

March 2021 :: Toastmasters Interpersonal Communication Program in Collaboration with Santa theresa Collenge Mrhiel

December 2020 :: Queens Mary University Online Workshop – over 50 attendees

November 2020 :: Online Speechcraft – 25 attendees

October 2020 :: eSkills Online Workshop – 11 attendees

February & April 2020 :: HSBC 2 days Speechcraft Workshop – 25 attendee

November 2019 :: ICT University Trade Fair Malta – over 100 attendees

October 2019 :: Innovation Summit Malta Workshop – 50 attendees

October 2019 :: HSBC – Toastmasters Demo Meeting – 49 attendees

5. Malta Driven by Innovative Toastmasters

February 2021 :: 869 Automated  anonymous feedback deliveries since its launch in July 2020

September-December 2020 :: Exclusive member’s workshops with external speakers and trainers VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2

July 2020 :: Toastmasters Malta becomes paperless as one of the first clubs in Europe. The process reduces club’s CO2 footprint by saving the print of 1000 agendas and evaluation sheets annually (saving of 4.16kg CO2 / year) LINK

June 2020 :: Video Testimonial Campaign by Toastmasters Members: VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3, VIDEO 4

March 2020 :: Switch to Online Zoom-Meetings without any breaks

March 2020 :: Record of 41 members in Toastmasters Malta’s history

February 2020 ::  Toastmasters Malta automates it’s social media presence  across Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram with 3-4 posts a week VIDEO

February 2020 ::  Launch of Toastmasters Malta’s Showreel VIDEO

December 2019 : Launch of new Toastmasters Malta’s website

November 2019 :: Launch of the new Guests Management System with automated guests follow-ups per email

September 2019 :: Launch of the Toastmasters Malta’s Educational Wikipedia LINK

Febraury 2019 :: All speeches are being recorded with a smartphone connected to a remote mic system and uploaded directly to private Youtube Channel

6. Toastmasters Malta’s Club Awards

2020-2021 :: Already DCP 9 of 10 and on the way to become President Distinguished Club LINK

2019-2020 :: DCP 9 of 10 President Distinguished Club

2018-2019 :: DCP 6 of 10 Select Distinguished Club

2017-2018 :: DCP 4 of 10 Distinguished Club & Talk Up Award

1st of October 2015 :: Toastmasters Malta is officially chartered

10th of June 2010 :: First Toastmasters Meeting in Malta

7. Malta's Membership Development

8. Malta's Educational Awards & Contests

Pathways Level 1

Pathways Level 4

Pathways Level 2

Pathways Level 5

Pathways Level 3

Pathways Mentoring

Competent Leader Awards

Competent Communicator Awards

Evaluation Contests

Table Topics Contests

Spreech Contests

9. Application Timeline & Final Results

July 2021 :: Malta officially joins D109 and is part of the new Area 7 with clubs from Sicily and Rome

Mai 2021 :: D109 District Council confirms Malta’s integration

April 2021 :: TI Board of Directors decides in favour of Malta joining District 109

February 2021 :: Creation of Malta’s online application report

August 2020 :: Malta’s application has been presented to the Board of Directors of Toastmasters International, but the decision has been postponed.

September 2019 :: Approval of Malta’s Application by D109 District Council Meeting LINK

February 2019 :: Official letter to D109 with the wish of joining D109, Region 10

Malta joins district 109 from 1st of July 2021!


Our friendly Toastmasters Malta club was formed in 2010 and has since helped many members improve their, communication, confidence and leadership skills. Officially registered as an educational voluntary organisation with Toastmasters International.